TalkSocket – Your Voice Assistant. Hands-free. Everywhere.

Bring Alexa Everywhere


Introducing TalkSocket, the first mobile accessory that delivers Alexa hands-free everywhere you go.

Don't leave Alexa at home!

Alexa hands-free even when your phone's locked
Low energy consumption
2 built in microphones & on-board wake word detection
No speakers - uses your phone's audio output
PopSockets® accordion & swappable base
Multi-day battery life + Qi Wireless Charging

Don't Leave Alexa at Home

Although Amazon just announced voice-command for its Alexa app, it still requires the phone to be unlocked and the app opened to use. There are over 150M smart speakers in the US and 70% of the market uses Amazon Alexa. But only 17% of Alexa owners use the voice assistant on their phone because you don't have the same hands-free experience.  

Users who have embraced Alexa at home need a better way to use it on the go.

The Wait is Over

Introducing TalkSocket. The first mobile accessory that attaches to your phone for a seamless hands-free experience using Alexa, even when your phone is locked! TalkSocket merges Alexa and PopSockets into one great experience allowing you to play music, answer questions, order on demand - all hands-free. 

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Enable Alexa Everywhere

TalkSocket only listens when you use the wake word and it integrates with Amazon's Alexa app, so there's no concern for data privacy.

Don't throw away your old tech products, TalkSocket enables bluetooth speakers, headphones, and car audio systems to become Alexa voice-assistants.  

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TalkSocket Partnerships

“The functionality of a PopSockets PopGrip combined with the voice-activated convenience of Alexa will seamlessly integrate into our customer’s day-to-day activities. The collaboration with TalkSocket will provide a heightened level of experience for PopSockets users.”


- David Barnett, CEO of PopSockets

“At OtterBox, we’re always excited to see the mobile industry evolve to better integrate technology into our daily lives. TalkSocket will bridge a major gap in usability for the top home voice assistant program, and we’re thrilled that the product will integrate seamlessly into our award-winning Otter + Pop cases.”


- Aaron Stevens, VP of Business Development